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Touristic Vehicle Clearance

Individuals residing outside the Customs Territory of Turkey, in other words, residing abroad for 185 days within one year, can temporarily bring their vehicles registered in their names at their place of residence within the scope of touristic conveniences. In this case, the vehicle can stay in Turkey for 730 days.

We carry out all customs and logistics processes regarding the door-to-door delivery of vehicles within the scope of this system, which is preferred by expatriates and foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey, from abroad, whether by Ship, Truck, RORO, or sometimes by plane, within the scope of international vehicle transportation.

Our Germany Cologne and USA Florida solution offices are very experienced in this regard, and the owners of these vehicles can comfortably use their vehicles abroad within the framework of the Turkish touristic convenience law (formerly called triptik) to bring their vehicles to Turkey from abroad, or to leave with their expat vehicles who have ended their vacations from Turkey. We do the transactions on their behalf.

At the same time, we have services in the form of customs exit and door-to-door delivery of vehicles with foreign license plates that have come to Turkey within the scope of touristic conveniences, but damaged and accidental vehicles as a result of traffic accidents if foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey cannot prove that they have a just cause, a fine is imposed on them in accordance with Article 238 of the Customs Law once for all exits made until the date of determination. Duration of residence of the vehicles; If it exceeds 1 (one), 2 (two) and 3 (three) months, a fine of 470 TL, 940 TL and 1,410 TL is applied for the year 2022, respectively.

In case of overdue time exceeding 3 (three) months, a high fine of ¼ (one quarter) of the vehicle’s customs tax amount is charged pursuant to Article 238 of the Customs Law No. 4458.  

In cases where high fines are applied, we can make fine reductions with the capacity of conciliator, within the authority granted to the Customs Consultants affiliated to the relevant ministry, such as our company, affiliated of the Ministry of Customs of the Republic of Turkey. In the same situation, if the vehicles with foreign license plates are used by someone other than the registered owner and legally impounded, we can have a penalty reduction service within the scope of our right to reconcile as customs consultancy within the power of attorney given by the vehicle owner from the public notary.

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