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Objection to Automobile Legal Penalty Decision and Customs Settlement

All customs duties receivables notified and contested regarding the differences determined as a result of the determination made by the customs administration with the declaration or notified by the declarant before the determination by the customs administration, and smuggling penalties stipulated in the Law and other relevant laws are all within the scope of reconciliation.

It is essential that the obligor or the parent or guardian personally attend the negotiations of the conciliation commission. In the event that the obligor does not attend the meeting, our company can participate in the negotiations and sign the minutes on behalf of the obligor, as it is the official customs consultant, provided that his representative or special authorization is given in the power of attorney. In addition, in cases where he is jointly and severally responsible for the payment of the same customs duties, he may sign the minutes in our firm, which is the customs consultant who applies for reconciliation and participates in the negotiations together with him and/or the obligor. It is forbidden to enter into customs settlement of this type with the title of person and business follower who do not have customs consultancy authority and certificate.

The most common types of penalties in Automobile Customs Fines are;

Penalties arising from the departure of expatriate vehicles brought to Turkey within the scope of touristic facilities without giving a commitment, customs penalties arising from differences in value in automobile imports, and high Customs penalties arising from the use of expat cars brought to Turkey within the scope of touristic conveniences to other persons. Our company, which is a customs consultant, helps you to pay a little less penalty by making transactions on your behalf.

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