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Free Import Customs Clearance and Tax Calculation

Free Import Customs Clearance (Permanent Return)

Our Company provides services for the individuals whose status were defined below:

  • Public officials that appointed to the national or international positions abroad (diplomats, military officers, non commissioned officer etc.) who returned from their duties by decree following the end of their term of office.
  • Turkish citizens who legally resident abroad for more than 24 months, after when they return Turkey permanently.
  • Free import customs consultancy service for the import of used motor vehicles (with a maximum of seven seats excluding the driver) or non-motorized vehicles on their return to Turkey on behalf the individuals who have transferred their legal residence from a foreign country to Turkey by obtaining Turkish citizenship (except those who have acquired Turkish citizenship by marriage) whose vehicles have been registered in their names since at least six months before the date of entry to Turkey after transferring their residence and whose vehicles are not older than three years of age in the year of registration (including the model and registration year), with its expert and experienced staff.

Customs duty is not paid in permanent return auto imports without fee, but SCT (Special Consumption Tax) and VAT (Value Added Tax) , which have the highest share of import taxes, must be paid. SCT and VAT taxes of imported vehicles are collected over the amount remaining after depreciation deduction (depreciation) and Diplomatic Discount are made according to the model year of the vehicle. For this reason, Free Auto Import does not mean importing vehicles without paying any taxes, it only provides used auto imports to Turkey. As it is known, the import of used automobiles into Turkey is prohibited according to the current Customs Law.

Individuals who have the right to free cars can learn about the taxes to be paid for the customs clearance of their vehicles by filling out the TAX CALCULATION FORM on our website. Obtaining this information before coming to Turkey will facilitate the decision of whether to bring the vehicle to Turkey.

The following individuals have the right to import vehicles up to three years of age, provided that they pay other taxes, excluding customs duty, within the scope of free import to Turkey (formerly known as shipping).

  1. Turkish citizens who have definitively transferred their place of residence to the Turkish Customs Territory after residing outside the Turkish Customs Territory for at least twenty-four months;
  2. Public officials who are assigned to national or international positions abroad and return from their duties
  3. Real individuals who have transferred their place of residence from a foreign country to the Customs Territory of Turkey by obtaining Turkish citizenship
  4. In case of death of persons residing outside the Turkish Customs Territory, heirs of real persons residing in Turkey

CIF Value of the vehicle (customs value of the vehicle including freight and insurance cost) and Value Added Tax (VAT) + SCT (special consumption tax) at the rate of 18% of the SCT Total, deducting the depreciation shares that we have mentioned below, are collected by the customs administrations during the vehicle’s release for free circulation.

Vehicle age (unit Depreciation rate (%) Depreciation amount (unit) Tax base (unit)

1- 20 100×20%=20 100-20=80

2- 10 100×10%=10 80-10=70

3- 10 100×10%=10 70-10=60

4- 10 100×10%=10 60-10=50

5- 10 100×10%=10 50-10=40

6- 10 100×10%=10 40-10=30

7- – – 100×20%=20

8- – – 100×20%=20

9- – – 100×20%=20

If you intend to take advantage of free import and you intend to import your current vehicle upon your arrival in Turkey or within the framework of this law, it will be in your interest to know the tax you will pay to your vehicle before you come to Turkey. In this case, you have the chance to find out if it is worth having this process calculated beforehand.

Our experienced Customs Brokers report and present to you whether you have the right to import free of charge and the tax to be calculated, without bringing your vehicle to Turkey, within the Official consultancy list tariff of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, which is announced every year. Calculation and reporting period is five working days.

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