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Vehicle Logistics and Customs Services For Disabled

For the importing of a specially equipped car for handicapped individuals, before the car is brought to Turkey, a direct application must be made to the Ankara Station Customs Directorate, Yeşilköy Auto Specialized Customs Directorate, İzmir Alsancak Passenger Hall Customs Directorate, Gebze Customs Directorate, Malatya Customs Directorate, Rize Customs Directorate, Mersin Customs Directorate authorized by the Ministry of Commerce by the disabled person himself, his guardian or persons authorized to represent.

Applications are made by the Customs Commission on the first Tuesday of every month, and in approved applications, the disabled person is given a 6-month import permit for a specially equipped handicapped automobile.

Subsequently, if the applicant finds a vehicle up to three years old from Germany that does not exceed the customs clearance value determined by the Ministry of Customs every period (this figure is 1.075.000 TL as of 2023), as of the year of the orthopedically handicaped vehicle that he intends to bring from abroad or intends to buy from abroad then our company brings it to Turkey with trucks carrying private vehicles and sends it to the customs office where customs clearance will be made, and the handicapped car owner imports his vehicle without paying any tax.

The person who will benefit from the zero duty free import of this handicapped vehicle must have an orthopedic disability.

Mentally disabled people (except for people with mental disabilities who are transported in a wheelchair), blind, deaf, kidney patients, heart patients etc. are not included in this scope.

Orthopedic disability covers those with lower and upper extremity disability due to congenital or acquired reasons, due to various degrees of loss of physical abilities as a result of disorders in the skeletal, muscular and nervous system.

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