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Vehicle Export and Transit Clearance from Turkey

You can export the cars you have purchased from second hand or brand new dealers from Turkey to any country abroad.

Hundreds of vehicles have been exported to the United States by restoring the 4×4 all-terrain Range Rover Defender brand antique vehicles produced by Otokar company under Range Rover license in Turkey within the last 1 year alone. We have high knowledge and experience in exporting, customs clearance and logistics services of Range Rover Defender 110 vehicles, especially abroad.

At the same time, we carry out automobile export transit transactions to all countries of the world within the scope of Transit transactions through Turkey for vehicles purchased from the US auction.

What should a person or company do if they want to buy a car from Turkey and take it abroad? 

In this regard, all you have to do is to like the vehicle and if you are abroad, you can buy the vehicle on your behalf with the Escrow department within our company and manage the Customs Clearance and Logistics processes with its expert personnel, and deliver your vehicle from Turkey with the door delivery logistics model. Thank you.

We are the only Customs consultancy firm with 32 years of experience to export your car from Turkey to the country you want, through our company with Confidence Abroad.

At the same time, we export luxury and exotic vehicles coming within the framework of the transit trade regime such as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, and transit cars from Turkey to every country in the world within the framework of international vehicle transport, and exporting T1 vehicle transit customs clearance.

We successfully carry out transit operations by SEA and by land, as well as with RORO.

In particular, we carry out export transit T1 transactions of LUX and exotic vehicles coming from many countries of the world to countries such as Russian Federation countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and America, Germany) to third countries as Transit.

In addition, we are proud of contributing to the country’s economy by exporting automobiles to all over the world after the vehicles coming to Turkey for repair, painting and restoration restoration are imported and then processed within the framework of legal customs laws without paying taxes.

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