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Turkey – USA Car Shipping

You will receive professional service with 9ekim Logistics within our company regarding vehicle transportation from Turkey to America or from America to Turkey. 

Our branch in Miami Florida and our head office in Turkey provide reliable vehicle logistics when shipping your vehicles from the United States to Turkey or from Turkey to the United States. Generally, we ship or bring cars by shipping containers docked on ocean liners or by direct voyage RO-RO ships, which is the most economical route to the United States. We provide services without outsourcing via our experienced staff in customs clearance procedures. We recommend that you review our references, which have been serviced by our company for 32 years, before sending new and used vehicles, especially classic cars such as Land Rover Defender, exotic and racing cars, which are brought by expats from the United States as part of touristic conveniences, especially in the summer months.

Vehicle transportation from America to Turkey or automobile transportation from Turkey to America Transit times vary up to 50 days depending on the destination by sea. In addition, we have a vehicle transportation service by air cargo with a 48 hour delivery time.

You can always call our firm to get an estimated fee for picking, loading and shipping along with shipping times to transport your vehicle overseas.

Apart from the international transportation service of the car, our company can provide services in customs clearance field by our Licensed Customs consultancy offices in the US and Turkey customs, upon request, and can ensure that the vehicle is removed and cleared from the customs without any problems. We provide comfort with door to door service.

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