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Transit Customs Clearance T1 Transactions from Turkey

The sale of new and used automobiles primarily from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and the USA before entering the national market in Turkey and the sale of other influences such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgzsytan, Germany, Netherlands etc. are evaluated in transit trade expenditures. These transactions that are not subject to commerce laws and import duties, are provided by our company which is in the status of the official customs consultancy under the supervision of customs.

Since an error in these transactions may cause foreign trade companies to receive larger penalties, the expert personnel of our company in their field, follows customs and logistics proceedings with diligence.

Vehicles that come to Turkey by ship are shipped to all over the world by trucks, planes and RoRo with the T1 certificate.

The main transit routes we use:

From USA to Turkey, Turkey to Georgia and transit pass to Russia.

Transit from Germany to Turkey and to Georgia.

Transit from Germany to Turkey and to Russia.

Dubai to Turkey and to Russia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and transit to Germany.

From Kuwait to Turkey and to Russia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Germany Transit.

Transit from Germany to Turkey and to Azerbaijan and also Iran.

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