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Guarantee Services in Car Sales and Purchases

You live abroad and you want to buy the car or motorcycle you like on Turkey’s leading digital vehicle sales sites such as www.sahibinden.com ,www.taxfreecar.net and www.arabam.com , www.buydefender.com You do not know the person or company selling the vehicle and there is a communication problem at the same time!

Is the car as seen in the pictures?

Is the person or company that will sell you the vehicle a fraud?

Is the vehicle you intend to buy theft vehicle?

You paid for the vehicle, who will send the vehicle you bought abroad to you and who will do the customs clearance?

Who will organize the shipping abroad?

You paid for the vehicle, who will send the vehicle you bought abroad to you and who will do the customs clearance?

Our company has started to offer this service for the first time in Turkey on the vehicles of the Antique Land Rover Defender brand vehicles, which have been applied abroad for years, on the vehicles they like from the websites in Turkey, and they have started to provide this service on all vehicles and motorcycles in the following years.

Find the affordable car of your dreams on the websites in Turkey from abroad, 9ekim will take you into the circle of trust, buy the car on your behalf, pay for it and deliver it to you.

Content of the Service Provided;

  • Preliminary inspection of the favorite vehicle from abroad and sending detailed current picture and video footage to the customer.
  • Preliminary security information research about the seller company and the individual (with our retired police chiefs personnel)
  • Professional expertise on request
  • Complating the sale of the favorite vehicle from the notary public on behalf of the customer and then making the payment safely.
  • International shipping organization and fulfillment of export formats from Turkey
  • Elimination of existing deficiencies, repair, modification and installation of any extra accessories on the vehicle upon request.

While you sleep comfortably, we will deliver the vehicle you have supplied from vehicle sales sites in Turkey on your behalf, safely and without being deceived, under the guarantee of our company, which has a 32-year history.

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