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Taxfreecar Sales for Foreign Expats

Foreign residents who have a guest license plate and work permit in Turkey, foreign students, retired foreign nationals and diplomatic persons who have settled in Turkey, or the vehicles they bring with them on their first arrival in Turkey or purchased from Turkey as Taxfreecar® (cars, minibuses, motorcycles) can easily be sold to another foreigner via taxfreecar.net

Foreign expats who have a work permit obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey, foreign students with YÖS status, original foreign nationals who have settled in Turkey and retired from abroad (except for Turkish origin blue card holders who are retired from abroad) and people with diplomatic status (honorary) (excluding consulates) can sell the vehicles (cars, minibuses, motorcycles) that they brought with them when they first came to Turkey or that they bought from Turkey under the terms of Taxfreecar®, to another foreigner at consulates residing in Turkey through taxfreecar.net.

At the request of the foreign customer who will sell the vehicle, our sales specialists determine the sales value of the vehicle and start the necessary work for the sale. Our company Taxfreecar® by 9Ekim Group has supported the sale of hundreds of vehicles thanks to its experience in buying and selling blue plate vehicles. Our website named Taxfreecar.net, which was established in 1996, is visited intensively and regularly by thousands of its members residing in Turkey and abroad, who have the right to purchase a tax free car. It has managed to become Turkey’s most visited website in Taxfreecar® sales, as it properly utilizes the advantage of being the first and best in its field, and the number of monthly impressions has reached an average of 100,000 foreign visitors.
Our company also provides tax-free, affordable vehicle supply from Turkey and export of vehicles abroad and logistics services to our diplomats, military officers, non-commissioned officers and attachés working in foreign consultates.

7 Ways to Sell Taxfreecar®

1) Standard Sales

Any foreign expat who wants to sell his car as a blue plate, from one foreigner to another foreigner, first becomes a member of our site and then clicks the + Sell My Car – (membership required) and uploads the information and pictures of the vehicle to the site with the Vehicle Sales Form on the page they reach. (Adds vehicle inspection report photos, if available). It is published on the site for free until the vehicle is sold. The pictures of the vehicle must be uploaded, otherwise those who want to buy cannot decide. For our foreign customers who do not have pictures or have bad images, they can shoot professionally at the professional photography studio located in Beylikdüzü Autopia (this service is charged with a discount) and save them on the website for instant sale. If there is a customer for the vehicle, a presentation is made by our company’s foreign language-speaking sales representatives to the potential buyer at the vehicle location or at a common point, depending on the situation.

2) VIP SPECIAL Sale (*)

The sales of special vehicles (luxury vehicles such as Hummer, Porsche, Ferrari) that need to be sold urgently or that are difficult to sell are quickly concluded with the following steps.

  • They photograph it professionally in the professional photography studio located in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü Autopia (this service is paid at a discount) and save it on the website for instant sale.
  • Photos and information about the blue plate car are placed in the OUR SELECTIONS FOR YOU section on the home page of taxfreecar.net.
  • Vehicle information is put up for sale on Europe’s best online auto sales websites.
  • Site members are informed about the sale of the vehicle via authorized mailing.
  • Available on all social media platforms that get 100,000 impressions per month. Also, Instagram @taxfreecar, facebook advertising, facebook foreign expat groups etc. It is also shared on our social media accounts.
  • The information of the guest license plate vehicle for sale is sent to all foreign consulates in Turkey via email.
  • Introductory advertisements with English voice over are shot with the latest system cameras in HD quality of the vehicle. The link to the video recording is added to the vehicle’s advertisement on the website. Please click on the links below to see sample applications.
    Example 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G6d1nOcElg
    Example 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8dRNi7TdL8
  • If there is a customer, a presentation is made by our company’s foreign language-speaking sales representatives to the potential buyer at the vehicle location or at a common point.

(*) (*) VIP Direct Sales service is paid and is provided within the contract.

3) Sales by proxy, blue plate auto sales on behalf of foreign buyers

It is possible to sell the blue plate car belonging to foreign expat, which is difficult to find in Turkey on the date of sale of the vehicle, by our company, by proxy and within the contract. After the sale, the purchase price of the vehicle is transferred to the owner of the vehicle by bank transfer. In this way, foreign customers have the chance to sell their vehicles to their real value and without dealing with any problems, even if not in a short time. For Proxy Sale, the vehicle is parked free of charge for 45 days for display in an area belonging to our company.

4) Consignment Sales

Foreign expat customers, who wish, can deliver their vehicles for sale from foreigners to our company for display in our offices in Turkey or in our locations in Germany-Cologne, or they can leave their vehicles wherever they wish and ask potential customers who will buy a blue plate car to be taken to the address where the car is located. In any case, the presentation of the vehicle is done properly; sales safely and hassle-free

5) Direct Purchase of the Vehicle by Our Company (9 Ekim Limited Company)

If the brand, model and features of the vehicle for sale are in accordance with the demands received by the sales department, it can be purchased directly in cash at a price to be determined by our company.

6) Barter Sale

If you want to change your blue plate guest vehicle but do not want to look for a foreign buyer for it, you can give your vehicle to our company by counting it for cash and pay the difference if necessary, and you can buy a pre-order zero configuration vehicle that you can find on taxfreecar.net or order from our overseas stocks. In this way, you can sell your vehicle immediately by barter without waiting.

7) Sales of Vehicles with Triptych Certificate

The sale of vehicles with original foreign license plates (for example, their own vehicles brought by our citizens working in Germany during their summer vacation) with a triptych permit issued from border gates for 6 months or less within the scope of touristic exemption, within the scope of Taxfreecar®. It is prohibited by the Undersecretariat of Customs. This type of vehicles can only be sold to countries other than Turkey with the registration of export, provided that they do not have any debt or leasing in their original country.

It is essential to draw up a vehicle sales contract in all vehicle sales. If there is a customer from abroad, support and service is provided in customs clearance procedures for the export of the vehicle abroad.

Do you have a guest plate plate vehicle in Turkey and want to sell this vehicle to another foreigner?

Blue plate Blue Plate are carried out in two ways, and in both methods, our company provides turnkey services to A-Z.

In Turkey, the vehicle with MA plate, which has the status of a registered guest vehicle, is in the form of a sales transfer from the consulate in Turkey to a foreigner who has the right to purchase a Taxfreecar vehicle (frequently asked questions), and in this case, our company provides seamless service in the sales transfer from foreigners to foreigners. It is forbidden to sell the vehicles brought from abroad by expats with original foreign license plates, in triptych status, from foreigners to tourist facilities. Vehicle list in the search engine on the Country/Turkey list page, they can examine the vehicles sold from foreigners to foreigners within the borders of Turkey.

Link; taxfreecar.net/arac-listesi/?country=turkey

It is forbidden to sell the vehicles brought from abroad by expats with original foreign license plates, in triptych status, from foreigners to tourist facilities.

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