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Taxfreecar Blue Plate Cars Clearance Services

In the year of 1993, 9Ekim Ltd.Co started to serve on taxfree cars, in other words the customs services of blue plated cars within the permissions granted Ministry of Customs and Trade. It is the only company in its field.Our company is a member of Istanbul Customs Brokers Association and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce , operates in the status a semi-public official Custom Consultancy.

You can see the international companies and expats who choose privilege of working with official and professional business and also in the same time you can read the their references and thank you letters.

Our company runs with the Expats, foreign university students, NATO soldiers, consular officers, original retired foreign nationals who settled in Turkey after retiring from abroad with a work permit obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (this right is prohibited for retired people of Turkish descent with a Blue Card), international companies carry out the logistics and customs procedures of the vehicles belonging to their employees with the expertise gained by nearly 30 years of experience.

Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkish distributor of cars in the Taxfree status that is such as BMW, Land Rover and Mini adviced our company as a solution partners. For a long period, the Turkish distributor of BMW, Land Rover, Mini and brand vehicles, Borusan Oto, has been a solution partners in the Customs Consultancy of tax-free vehicles, but the partnership was terminated as a result of the Ministry of Customs and Trade banning the tax-free sales of foreign brand vehicles to Turkey Distributor.

Our services with Taxfree and Blue Plate vehicle.

  • All custom consultancy process of foreigner to foreigner taxfree cars, blue plated vehicles and importing from door to door.
  • Customs entry of the taxfree cars, conversion to the Turkish plate, registration and whole process of putting the car into the traffic.
  • Serving through all the necessary domestic and international customs and logistics procedures A-Z, from transportation of the foreign plated car bought from abroad or supplied within the possibilities of customer’s own means, or found via our company until converting to Turkish license plate within taxfree car guest vehicle regime.
  • All the diplomatic consulate transfer process with selling and buying of taxfree cars.
  • In case of permanent exit of the taxfree blue plated car; deregistration from customs and traffic dept in Turkey, closure of records in the Turing office, deregistering it from traffic, deducting the vehicle from passport and transferring the car by sea or by road if requested.
  • Making the foreign customs clearance and overseas registration via our offices located in Germany and USA.
  • Acquiring extra time time for the blue plate cars that are about to expire in their blue plate status and tracking the time left from the Turkish Turing Automobile Organisation and customs office and notifying the car owners 45 days before the expiration date automatically in order to prevent a criminal case
  • Mandatory insurance and motor insurance processes of the blue plate cars.
  • Taxfreecar custom consultancy, services for foreigner to foreigner cars.
  • Permanent abandonment process of the blue plate vehicles which was damaged or written off as a result of an accident in Turkey to the customs and making damage claims from the automobile insurance at the highest limit.
  • Blue plate car, vehicle inspection and Turkish Standards Institute of Eligibility Document proceedings.

Taxfree Blue Plate Auto Rights Inquiry and Reporting Service.

  • Verbal or written custom consultancy service for blue plate vehicles.
  • Penalty objection and customs settlement penalty reduction for blue plate automobiles.
  • Special Permit for second private driver use and registration to the license, except the beneficiary individual for the blue plate taxfree car.
  • Private plate supply specific for the guest vehicle.
  • Deporting of the blue plated car and refunding service of the car to the owner from the Turing Oto Organisation.
  • Obtaining specific permission from the customs office for blue plate vehicle for the additional accessories, parts and repaint.

Importance of Customs Brokerage Authority!

In accordance to the Customs Law, it’s the duty of the Customs Consultancy firms which are subordinate to the Undersecretariat of Customs and to have a certificate of authority in this regard in order to represent vehicles or household goods in customs administrations on behalf of institutions. Our company is the only firm, specialised taxfree vehicles working with the limitations and permissions of the Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat Customs.

Giving authority only with noterised power of attorney document to the individuals or organisations that operate without having the customs brokerage license for making business in the customs administrations, makes the individual or institution that owns the vehicle guilty for the transaction. The individuals or the organisations that doesn’t have the right to represent in errors such as incorrect filling of the customs documents, tax calculations, violations of the time restrictions, are not responsible. All the responsibility belongs to the owner of the vehicle and the owner faces judicial authority in criminal cases. Because in the Customs Administrations of the Republic of Turkey, to make transactions according to the current law of customs and to be held accountable for the responsibility of the transaction is given only to the customs consultants that went through only long periods exams and experience that proves this process with results and official documents and the customs agencies that are binded by their ownership.

Current Law of Customs (Law number 4458th) (on the date of 04.11.1999, number 23866) and the relevant law article is presented below for your information. If you research the article you will understand the importance of working with the companies of who have official documents and authorisations.

Business Follow Ups and Custom Brokerages at Customs.

ARTICLE 225- I Related activities of the item that is approved by customs or be subjected to use within the decree of the 5th article’s part. It is followed and finalized by owners or parties on behalf of owners via direct representation or by customs consultants via indirect representation.

Current Customs Regulations
Customs Regulations (on the date of 07.10.2009, page 27369)

Business Follow Ups at Customs, Custom Brokerages and their assistants.

Business Follow Ups at Customs

1.) All individuals can follow up the anticipated work and transactions about the custom legislation on their own or
3.) Customs brokerages that have the notarized power of attorney given by the owner, can make the business follow ups at customs office with the way of indirect representation.

Our company are experts in and authorised about customs proceedings in Taxfreecar ® (it can also be called as a exempt vehicle). It follows the laws, circulars and anticipated articles about Taxfreecar day to day, informing their customers. We have expert officers in all of the Istanbul automobile specialised customs.

After finalising the customs clearence of the vehicle, the data is archived in the central office by using of specialised softwares. The tracking of time is done as how it should be. When two months left to the deadline (Blue Carnet, banderole, insurance, etc.) , the owner of the vehicle is informed for avoiding criminal penalty.

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