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Special Taxfree Vehicle Order

Foreigners who have a work permit in Turkey, those who renounced their Turkish citizenship and Blue Card holders, foreign students, original foreign retirees, diplomats or foreign athletes have received TaxFreeCar service from our establishment 1993 to the present, with the assurance of 9Ekim Group.
If you want a special car:


Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc. If you want to buy sports exotic cars or other luxury vehicles and the taxfreecar.net vehicle list is not in stock, our Expert Tax Free Car Buying team in Germany will step in and procur the vehicle you request from the dealers of the relevant branded vehicle in Germany under the most favorable conditions. An export invoice is issued from Germany on your behalf and delivered to the address you want within the guarantee of the contract made in the center of Istanbul.

The delivery time of the vehicles selected from the European stocks and purchased under the contract is 10-15 working days. Our company has provided the vehicles of many foreign-capital companies’ managers and foreign athletes and foreign football players playing football in Turkey safely and without any problems until today.

First of all, we recommend that you search for the vehicle you want in our stocks in Turkey and Europe by using the you can click the DETAILED VEHICLE SEARCH function of our website. If you can’t get a result from here, you can contact us and use our special vehicle for you.

With a pre-order from abroad within the configuration you will make yourself;

Design your dream vehicle abroad: Create the model of the blue plate vehicle in your mind with the Design Configurator, the vehicle of your dreams that you want to buy with a pre-order, and send us only the configuration number of the vehicle you have designed, we have the rest!

By converting the pre-order within the configuration into a real order on your behalf, we complete your international order and carry out all vehicle purchases from A to Z, foreign and domestic customs clearance, registration-registration and logistics, and deliver your blue plate guest beekeeper to your door. BMWPORSCHEMERCEDES-BENZAUDIFERRARILAMBORGHINI were banned by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in 1997 9Ekim Group, which has been the solution partner of foreigner to foreigner guest vehicle transactions for many brands (Borusan, Doğuş Otomotiv) until that date, has provided the vehicles of many to expat foreigners living in Turkey with the assurance of 35 years of 9Ekim Group and the guarantee of the main dealers in Turkey. It has satisfied this need by importing it tax-free to their name with pre-order and delivering it door-to-door.

I want a vehicle that is not in stock, what should I do?

For vehicles that you cannot find among the vehicles for sale published on our site, you can click the DETAILED VEHICLE SEARCH button and enter the characteristics of the second-hand or new vehicle you are looking for in the Order Formyou access on taxfreecar.net, and you can see whether the vehicle you are looking for is in stock.

If the vehicle you requested and provided or recommended by the site is a vehicle procured from foreign stocks, an export invoice is issued from Germany on your behalf and delivered to your address within 10-15 working days, within the scope of the contract guarantee issued by the Istanbul headquarters.

Our company delivered the vehicles of the managers of many foreign companies in Turkey without any problems.

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