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Mandatory Traffic Insurance to the Touristic and Blue Plate Cars.

We arrange the traffic insurances of mainly expatriate vehicles coming to Turkey for touristic purposes before the vehicle arrives in Turkey and send it to the vehicle owner via e-mail.


In this way, you can quickly enter Turkey with your taxfree, blue plate vehicle and the mandatory traffic insurance that we have made, without waiting in line at for hours to get insurance at the border customs such as Kapıkule, Ipsala and Dereköy customs directorate, with blue plate vehicles that have not taken out insurance abroad.

Whether you come to Turkey by driving with your own vehicle, or bring your vehicle with a truck or by ship, you have to have compulsory traffic Insurance.

Another danger that awaits vehicles that will arrive in Turkey within the scope of tourism for a short period or for a period of 2 years is related to time. With the insurance you have taken abroad, you can be insured in Turkey for a maximum of 3 months. In case of an accident, your insurance abroad has the right to not make the payment if it realizes that the 3-month period has passed, and most of the insurances you take out abroad only cover the damages that occur on the European side in Turkey, and when you move to the Asian side, the insurance is not covered!

On the other hand, insurances taken out of the USA, Dubai, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Europe are not valid in Turkey. Vehicles from these countries are allowed to enter Turkey with their vehicles, provided that they have their compulsory traffic insurance in Turkey.


Before you arrived in Turkey or to the border passes you have the opportunity of making your mandatory traffic insurance with one phone call in order to enter safely at the customs. Without days of waiting for Grüne Card in Germany. Besides if it’s a Grüne Card, the duration is only three months for German insurance and it only applies in European side. If you do not wish to face this, our insurance agency will help you to drive your MA-MZ plated vehicle safely. At the same time for a first in Turkey, we offer 100% protected voll KASKO service by our company.

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