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LR Defender Customs Clearence (Turkey and USA)

Land Rover Defender off-road vehicles with Antique status in Turkey are restored and exported from Turkey, mainly to the United States of America and to many countries of the world. 9ekim is unrivaled when it comes to CUSTOMS CLEARANCE of these vehicles in antique status to be exported abroad whether restored or not.

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The reasons why we are Unrivaled in the Customs Clearance of Antique Land Rover Defender Branded Vehicles to Go from Turkey to America ?

 The fact that 9ekim company has an office in Florida US for the import of the vehicle. 

9ekim has done the export of Land Rover Defenders from Turkey to abroad and restoration works in Turkey with its own separate department, so he knows all the tricks of the business.

9Ekim , about service of importing vehicles from Turkey without any problems to the USA , assures , before Land Rover Defender departs from Turkey, it would give preliminary information about the problems that may arise in the vehicle at the US customs, For missing or excess equipment and accessories and documents detected in the vehicle, If there is a demand for deficiencies to assist.

9ekim finds a compromise and a solution against the destruction of the vehicle by pressing and prevents the destruction of the vehicle due to a problem arising from the vehicle or documents in the import transactions at the American customs.

It offers the most suitable shipping option to America and prevents unnecessary depreciation and overpayments in Turkey.

Sharing details on the sales and logistics of antique Land Rover Defender 110, Landrover 90, Landrover 130 vehicles with the buydefender.com site, a subsidiary of the 9ekim group.

Due to the fact that the 9ekim Group has the official vehicle export permit document, the antique Defenders purchased by people and institutions that do not have a company in Turkey, especially those located abroad and who will buy LR DEFENDER from Turkey and take them to their countries, are registered on behalf of our company, invoiced by our company to their own countries, and exported without any problems.

9ekim group is Turkey’s most experienced Customs Clearance and Logistics Company in Export of Land Rover Defender in Turkey.

The fact that we have exported hundreds of different types, Defender 110 and Defender pickups to date, and parallel to this, we have references that have received service from our company in USA.

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