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Land Tour Travels, Abroad Logistics (Motorcycle, Mobile Home, Automobile).

For most of the people, it is the highlight and dream of a world tour with their own vehicle.

Wondering around the world with your own vehicle, motorbike, mobile or truck driving to the magnificent historical sites and Mount Nemrut Base Camp in Turkey and enjoying the view of the Cappadocia valley, the world’s oldest churches and natural wonders, and leaving Turkey by plane and you can also send your vehicle safely behind your back to your country or any other country you wish, by sea or by road, relying on our 32-year-experienced Logistics company.

For Example;

We send your motorcycles from Saudi Arabia to Istanbul by air cargo, then you come by plane and travel in Turkey with your motorcycle group and then we send your motorcycles to Spain or any country you want for very affordable prices. You can complete your European tour in any country and send your motorcycles back to your country from Istanbul or abroad with solution partner logistics companies. Or you are a member of an automobile, motorhome or motorcycle club from Turkey and you want to take an iron butt trip to a festival in Austria, in this case, we analyze and send your motorcycles to the starting country of the trip (for example Denmark) within Logistics and Customs procedures from Istanbul. All you have to do is travel to Turkey and enjoy driving without getting tired.

In this regard, our company has experience and reference in the International transportation and Vehicle Clearance procedures in Turkey of the International Range Rover Defender, Harley Davidson Motorcycle Clubs and Swiss Antique Automobile Clubs that come to Turkey by plane or personally brought in by driving.

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