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Insurance for Blue Plate Taxfreecar Vehicles

We are the experts in the insurance of tax-free vehicles called blue plate, taxfreecar or blue plate car.

Many insurance companies in Turkey do not want to make automobile insurance for foreigners to foreigners category, as they do not wish to follow many complex bureaucratic processes in case of an accident, due to the fact that the vehicles are tax-free.

Our company, which is the leading one in Turkey in the field of tax-free vehicles, makes the insurance policies of these vehicles under the most suitable conditions without any problems and our insurance experts are at your side 24/7 in case of any accident and damage. Our company Anadolu Sigorta and AXA Sigorta are the solution partners of ALLIANCE A Group agency and made the insurance policy of 268 blue plate luxurious vehicles between the years 2021-2022.

You have the option to have all your motor insurance policies done in nine installments without interest. 

Just click to question about the right to buy a blue plate vehicle! Click 🙂

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