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Guest Vehicle Clearance

You are a foreign national who intends to live in Turkey and you want to buy your current vehicle abroad or a new vehicle from abroad and use it in Turkey without paying tax.

Under which conditions can foreigners drive a blue plate vehicle in Turkey?

What are the costs for me when I buy a Taxfreecar vehicle?

Who can use this tool?

I am a foreign student at university and what are the rules for buying a tax free vehicle?

What is collateral? How do I get the easiest letter of guarantee?

I did not stay abroad for 185 days, is there an alternative way to buy a tax-free vehicle?

You could not find the answers to many questions such as, on our website (Frequently Asked Questions), or you do not want to read them, you want to meet face to face with an expert and find out the answers to your questions in detail.

If you have such a request, you have the chance to receive this consultancy service with an verbal call or mobile live connection within the scope of the official Customs Consultancy list tariff of the Ministry of Customs and Trade announced every year and the appointment you will get from our experienced Customs consultants who deal with 400/500 tax-free vehicles per year.

Feel free to contact us for details and don’t be fooled by the articles written unconsciously and unfounded by people who don’t have any Customs Broker identity on the web…!

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