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Deceased Expatriate Car Customs Procedures

In case of the death of the Expatriate Abroad;

This is a text about the import of motorized or non-motorized vehicles belonging to deceased Turkish citizens living outside the customs area and registered under their name. If the necessary conditions are met, the vehicles can be transferred to their heirs residing in Turkey through duty-free import, exempt from all taxes, including customs duty, Special Consumption Tax (SCT) or Value Added Tax (VAT). The deceased foreign citizen must have resided abroad for at least 24 months prior to their death and must not have been present in Turkey for more than six months before their death, excluding any period up to 45 days during that time.

For Turkish citizens living abroad for at least five of the last ten years, the aforementioned residence condition is waived. In addition, the vehicle must be registered under the deceased person’s name and be no more than three years old, including the year of registration and model year abroad in the country of residence (like Netherlands, Germany, USA). That means it should be at least three years old.

This service was put into use for the first time by our company and is provided for a fee according to the annual consultancy fee tariff announced by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

If the heirs of the deceased expat purchase any of the services listed on in the link https://www.taxfreecar.net/en/hizmetlerimiz/ , the fee for the consultation will be deducted from the total cost.

For example, if the heir of the person who lives in Turkey and died in Miami, USA, he cannot import the car of his late father, who died in Miami, USA, without tax. And if the conditions are met, he receives up-to-date customs legislation consultancy from our company. It is charged according to the Customs Consultancy fee schedule announced by the Ministry of Commerce every year. However, according to the determination made, it is confirmed that the heirs have this import right and if the vehicle is brought to Turkey from Miami by our company and the Customs consultancy services are performed by our company, the Official Consultancy fee received at the beginning is deducted from this service fee.

The process for determining the heirs’ eligibility for tax-free vehicle import takes approximately 10 business days, and the import process itself takes an average of 10 months.

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