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Auto Repair, Paint, Restoration Import, Export in Turkey

Our expatriates living abroad in Europe, such as America, or foreign individuals living abroad who buy antique 4×4 vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender 110 produced by Otokar company, and companies engaged in second-hand vehicle trade abroad, automobile parts in Turkey prefer our sister company provided by www.9carlogistics.com for the repainting, repair, accessory fitting and restoration of automobiles due to the cheapness of labor , low restoration prices and the high quality workmanship in Turkey.

So they entrust the cars they bring to professional Turkish mechanics whom we have known for a long time, recommended by our company.

Expatriates and foreign companies and individuals residing abroad use preferences of their vehicle services for repair and maintenance, and their choice of additional accessories in favor of Turkey.

Via our group company www.buydefender.com  we know and work with automobile painting, seat upholstery, hood repair and renewal, auto electricity and many accessory companies in Turkey, so we support your current needs in vehicle restoration by producing solutions.

The other part of our company, Buydefender, provides successful support to meet the future demands in restoration, especially with its garage and solution partners for the renovation, restoration and modification of antique Land Rover Defender 110 vehicles. It offers door-to-door logistics solutions for the automobile purchased for export from Turkey or coming from abroad for repair, modification and restoration to Turkey on arrival in Turkey or in the section of export from Turkey.

All logistics processes such as Turkey entry and exit preliminary permits and vehicle customs clearance, issuance of vehicle export invoice and ATR document, storage of the vehicle, organization of international transportation etc. are carried out on your behalf and in the light of 32 year long experience.

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