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Antique Land Rover Defender Customs and Shipping (USA – Canada)

Our institution, which serves with the official website of our 9ekim group company www.buydefender.com , restore the antique Landrover vehicles they had purchased at their own workshops in Turkey and offer them for sale in the American and Canadian auto markets, and all logistics processes in the export of these vehicles to the USA and Canada and rest within their own organization.

Our company is unrivaled in Antique Land Rover exports in Turkey and domestic and international customs clearance due to its vast experience and experience.

  • How can a Land Rover Defender vehicle supplied from Turkey to be sold in America reach my address in America without any problem?
  • Who is the experienced customs clearance company in Antique Land Rover Defender 110 customs clearance in the USA?
  • How can I export from Turkey to a company that is in my name in America or Canada without being in Turkey?
  • What are the documents and features that should be in the vehicles in order for antique Land Rover Defender vehicles to pass through customs in Turkey and abroad without any problems?
  • Is there a cheaper way of shipping other than the current shipping prices to the USA, which goes to an average of 12.000 usd?
  • How will I bring the Antique Land Rover Defender 110 vehicle I bought from Turkey to Germany and European countries, and how will the customs clearance procedures be in Germany?
  • What are the documents required from Turkey for Antique Land Rover Defender 300 vehicles that will go to America or abroad?

Knowing the answers to these and hundreds of questions like this, 9ekim antique Defender is Turkey’s most expert in logistics and door-to-door delivery, and is the only logistics company that has many references and branches in Florida. We are Turkey’s most experienced and knowledgeable Customs consultancy and logistics company in customs clearance and international transportation of antique Land Rover Defender vehicles from Turkey to abroad, primarily to the USA and Canada.

You can also get support from our company for the restoration of antique Defender vehicles sold at cheap prices in Turkey.

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