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Antique Auto Customs and Shipping

There are many antique cars under the age of 25 in Turkey and these vehicles are much cheaper than the prices of antique cars abroad. Because many brands are produced in Turkey, the restoration prices are affordable in Turkey and the Turkish lira is very suitable for restoration service of some vehicle brands compared with other currencies.

The main examples of these are;

  • Land Rover Defender 110
  • Land Rover Defender 300
  • Land Rover Defender Pickup Truck
  • Fiat 124 ( Murat 124 )
  • WV minibus

Some Mercedes Benz passenger car models…

We provide door-to-door service with customs clearance procedures of vehicles to be purchased from vehicle sales sites in Turkey and international vehicle transportation to every country in the world.

Websites where you can find antique cars sold at affordable prices in Turkey:

  • www.sahibinden.com
  • www.arabam.com
  • www.araba.com
  • www.buydefender.com
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